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Anybody who is an event level sponsor can compete in any competition category, up to five categories.  One entry per sponsor per category.  Additionally, you must be at least an event level sponsor to compete.

Here is the link to enter:

Please use that link to register to compete in up to five categories.  The products you submit must be your own brand and current, legitimate COAs are needed in order to compete.  Some of the submission process boils down to simple honesty so let's keep it clean!  Anybody found violating any rules will of course be disqualified and barred from future events.

Finally, judging is going to be done by a panel of 7 highly-experienced cannabis enthusiasts with no personal or professional ties to any of the competitors in the Cup.  All samples must be submitted in accordance with the rules and guidelines found in the jotform to our Blue Flowers South Park location in Charlotte. 


Not only will you have bragging rights over your peers regarding your successful placement in the competition, you also will be noticed by customers, cannabis enthusiasts and store owners across the state.

Blue Flowers will guarantee that every product that places first in any competition category will get a spot on shelves for at least one month in each store.

If the item sells well, it will stay on shelves, but at least one month of exposure to will be guaranteed to a thousands-great customer base spread across South to North Charlotte, Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk and soon Johnson City, Tennessee for any top place finisher. Taking part in this event and placing in the top three will also be tremendous exposure for all those involved.

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